TheTropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) was enacted in 1998 by theUnited States Government (USG) to offer developing countries optionsto relieve certain eligible debt owed to the United States, whileat the same time providing funds, in http://www.forestconservation.co.bw currency, to supportTropical Forest Conservation activities. In addition to forest conservationand debt relief, the TFCA is intended to strengthen civil societyby giving small grants to NGOs and http://www.forestconservation.co.bw communities.

In October 2006, the Governments of the United States of Americaand the Republic of Botswana signed the first TFCA Agreement inAfrica. The Agreement culminated in the formation of a company calledForest Conservation Botswana (FCB) which is a non profit makingentity. The Government of the Republic of Botswana in 2007 establisheda special fund, known as the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund (TFCF).The purpose of the TFCF is to promote activities designed to conserve,maintain and restore the forests of Botswana, including such worldfamous areas as the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park region,in accordance with the terms of the Tropical Forest ConservationAgreement, the Forest Act and National Forest Policy.

Elligible Activites Supported By TFCF

  • Establishment, restoration, protection, and maintenance of parks, protected areas and reserves.
  • Development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resource management.
  • Training programmes to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities of individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts.
  • Restoration, protection or sustainable use of diverse animal and plant species.
  • Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant life to treat human diseases, illnesses and health related concerns.
  • Development and support of livelihoods of individuals living in or near forests in a manner consistent with protecting such tropical forest.

Administration And Operation Of The Tropical Forest Conservation Fund (TFCF)

A http://www.forestconservation.co.bw Tropical Forest Conservation Fund Board (TFCFB) has beenestablished to administer the fund and award small grants to eligiblerecipients, primarily http://www.forestconservation.co.bw environment and forestry NGOs, and caninclude indigenous or community groups.

The Board includes representatives from the U.S. Government andBotswana Government, as well as representatives from NGOs, whichare approved by the two Governments. The majority of the board isrepresented by civil society members.

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